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Understanding fear and our comfort zone

I am travelling in Italy. Alone. Yes no one is with me. Sometimes we can not have the company to travel with to the places of our dreams. Work and other commitments may take priority. So why miss out … Read More

First female RCMP Commissioner.

It is a tide of change for the RCMP with the first woman appointed as Commissioner. With civilian oversight the new RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki  will have the support and guidance from those in … Read More

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Kind Words

Sherry is an inspired and deeply knowledgeable public speaker whom I asked to speak in my Human Resource Management class on sexual harassment. She helped the students understand what the signs of sexual harassment look like in the work place, and the devastating effects in a way that I could not have taught from a… Continue “Melanda Guenther”

Melanda Guenther
Instructor of International Business

You have certainly demonstrated courage and determination through your struggles in dealing with the RCMP. When I started reading your book, Women Not Wanted, I had a hard time putting it down and when I did, I could hardly wait to return to its pages. I was drawn into your world of fear and uncertainty,… Continue “Barb Read”

Barb Read
Univesity of Winnipeg

I first heard Sherry when she made a very powerful and compelling presentation on her experience with harassment in the RCMP to a panel of MPs and Senators in Canada’s Parliament buildings. She conveyed personal insight, courage, determination and leadership. She proved that she could walk “through the fire”, come out the other side, sustain… Continue “Grant Mitchell”

Grant Mitchell
Senator for Alberta

Independent Associate, LegalShield, Winnipeg, Manitoba April 2017 Not only is Sherry Benson-Podolchuk a terrific speaker, she is a pleasure to work with in the preparations leading up to ‘the big day’! I highly recommend her!

Randy Penner

I have been fortunate to hear Sherry Benson-Podolchuk speak on a few occasions. Each time I was moved by her courageous presentation about her experiences in the RCMP. She is an extraordinary individual who has persevered and now brings comfort and hope to others with her inspired words.

Sarah Gray
Chief of Staff to Senator Grant Mitchell

It was an amazing presentation Sherry! For those of you who have not heard Sherry’s story, you are missing out!

Jane Townsley
IAWP International Association of Women Police

You are a strong woman providing a much needed source of inspiration and encouragement, giving victims the strength to step forward and be heard.


Sherry – Thank you again for the inspiring presentations in Selkirk and Winnipeg for BPW Manitoba. Women were encouraged to not only speak out against workplace harassment and bullying but to have the courage to begin to directly address it.  Thank you also for your book Women Not Wanted – I have loaned it to… Continue “Colleen Allan”

Colleen Allan
Business and Professional Women of Canada

  Sherry Lee is an energetic and informative public speaker who easily engages her audience. Sherry Lee’s life experience informs her ideas and she shares her stories with openness and confidence. Sherry Lee also weaves her theoretical knowledge of conflict resolution into her public presentations, which not only strengthens the truth of her lived experience… Continue “International Women’s Day March 8th, 2017”

Gina Loewen
Academic Advisor at Menno Simons College,

This lady Sherry Benson-Podolchuk has a story to tell and what a unique one it is! As a toastmaster, she has her own crafted style to captivate her audience and would make a super main platform speaker! Don’t miss her!”

Russ McDevitt
Author & Irish and British toastmaster Awards winner. Jan, 2015
Transform Your Life

Show recorded February 2, 2017. Sherry is a strong woman, with a strong message to share. She exudes warms and compassion and truly wants to make the world a better place!

Stephanie Staples
Radio Host

One of the worse cases of sexual harassment I have heard about in thirty years.

Marilyn McKenzie
Harassment Investigator/Trainer, Winnipeg MB